“Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.” 
~Auguste Escoffier



Nan and Pops Good Eats is an idea come to fruition, a dream made real, and a practical answer to the question, “where can we shop locally to buy quality foods at reasonable prices?” What exactly is Nan and Pops Good Eats? Let’s start by telling you what we’re not. 

We’re not a grocery store, we’re not a butcher shop, and we’re not a bakery. 

That said, you CAN rely on us for quality meats, seafood, poultry, complimentary grocery items, exceptional prepared foods and, on occasion, wonderful chef-inspired creations. You know that friend of yours you can always count on to get you stuff because he “knows a guy?” Well, consider us that guy. And we definitely know our stuff when it comes to quality food products.

Nan and Pops Good Eats is a single-location supply depot for foodies who appreciate quality goods sold at reasonable prices – a uniquely designed “food emporium.”  We’re a supplier of top-notch beef, pork, chicken and fresh hand-made sausages; high-quality salmon, shrimp, scallops and other water-born delicacies; complimentary foods like artisan breads, Brioche hamburger buns, flour and yeast, organic eggs and exquisite cheeses – everything from hot dogs to haute cuisine. In essence, we’re a supply chain operation with a focus on procuring great foods and making them available to locals in the Midland/ Penetanguishene area. People who love preparing and serving great foods to family and friends know how important the ingredients are when creating their culinary masterpieces. Nan and Pops Good Eats is all about ensuring you have a steady supply of quality mains and complimentary ingredients with which to cook. The real Nan and Pop who inspired this venture wouldn’t have it any other way. 



Have you ever heard of Galen Weston, debonair grocery magnate and Executive Chairman of Loblaws Companies Limited?  Well, that’s definitely not us. Our origins are a little more humble and a lot more sociable. 

To put it simply, the brains of the operation is Theresa Tennant, and the brawn is Robert Bucht. Together, they were once the Dynamic Duo of Drive-Through foods and service,  building their empire as owner/operators of four of the area’s most popular and successful Tim Hortons franchises. Theresa’s acumen for the food business was developed over nearly three decades of managing these high-volume operations. Robert earned his stripes as a successful chef and restauranteur, bringing his culinary skills, knowledge and larger-than-life personality to such well-known local destinations as Captain Robert’s, Restaurant Saint Marie and Elmvale’s most-excellent epicurean experience, The Doctors In. 

For the last decade, Theresa and Robert have been proud and ever-present community partners in the greater Tiny Township area, lending considerable time and financial support to various local civic and charitable causes. Their new venture is a happy hybrid of everything they love about being in business. It’s people-oriented, it’s focused on quality and it’s modelled to suit their distinctly different but perfectly aligned personalities. Naturally, that means it’s all about food – delicious, whole, top quality food, a shared passion of both Robert and Theresa. That’s their primary motivation for launching this new venture. As Robert says: “It’s time to have a little bit of fun, to enjoy time with each other while providing something special for customers and friends. It’s as simple as that.” 



Consider the bacon bit. It’s a rather innocuous little food item, something added to salads and other dishes for additional flavour. Buy a jar of processed bacon bits from any grocery retailer and here’s a typical list of ingredients you’ll find:   

Mmmm mmm – who knew you could cram all that artificial goodness into one little bacon bit.  Now take a look at the ingredient list found in the bacon bits being created and sold at Nan and Pops Good Eats. 

See the difference? At Nan and Pops, we take the bacon ends from centre cut bacon, roast them into perfection and turn them into real bacon bits – no nitrates, no preservatives, no Disodium Guanylate (whatever that is).  Because they’re roasted, they’re much more lean and delicious, the perfect addition to your Caesar Salads. The same can be said for the croutons made at Nan and Pops. They start with quality breads, cut into uniform pieces, sautéed in a mixture of natural ingredients, then oven roast and sprinkled with real parmesan and just a hint of seasoning. Now, if they put that much effort into creating your bacon bits and croutons, imagine the effort they put into ensuring all the other products are equally superior. That’s really the guiding philosophy behind everything being sold at Nan and Pops Good Eats according to Chef Robert. 

“I will not buy any inferior product. Any meat I bring in has to be Triple-A Black Angus or better. Even our chicken fingers are top-notch, not processed white meat that was ground up and packed with filler. Our fingers come from the tenderloin inside the breast of the chicken. Things like that make a big difference.” 

So don’t think of Nan and Pops Good Eats as a grocery store, or a convenience store, or a deli, or a local market. This is something more. It’s a concept built on the principle that eating quality food shouldn’t be the sole domain of the rich and entitled. Food is a unifier, and Nan and Pop’s is here to inspire people to share their passion for good eats!  

“If you go to a house party, where does everybody sit? They sit in the kitchen to watch people prepare food. It brings people together, whether it’s haute cuisine or mac and cheese. It gives people cause to celebrate the finer things in life. Theresa and I are happy to be fostering that love of great food.”